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Monday, November 12, 2012

Animated Christmas Decoration

RAZ Animated Christmas decorations
powered by 3 AA Batteries
Easy to place in your Christmas tree
or on a wreath on your front door
Watch the videos below to see these
fun Christmas decorations in action.

Hanging Santa
sold with a matching Reindeer  3212301

Santa Face  3212309

Santa on Reindeer 3212304

Musical Christmas Hat 3223276

Find these and more animated Christmas decorations in the

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lighted Christmas Decorations

Lighted Christmas Decorations by RAZ Imports
available at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Large lighted Christmas shapes include ~ presents, ornaments, snowman, candy canes and more. 

Many of the larger shapes are wire form, covered or wrapped with sisal twine.  The inside of each shape is filled with white Christmas light strands, these lights are hidden when not turned on and when plugged in light up the colorful Christmas shapes.

Smaller shapes include resin figures and polyester figures decorated with strands of working Christmas lights.

 Use lighted Christmas decorations through out your home or business. Many of the larger sisal shapes can be placed under your tree and some can even fit on your Christmas tree.

Lighted Presents are available in many color combinations and patterns.  The are available in various sizes to create a beautiful display.  Lighted present shapes can be used as is or the tops can be decorated with Christmas floral sprays  and ornaments and serve as a stand or base for your favorite Christmas collectible, like our Mark Roberts Fairies

Below you will find a photo of the
 the Lighted Snowman on a Ladder propped at the bottom.

More Lighted Christmas Decorations available at
Shelley B Home and Holiday

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Poinsettia Floral Picks

Shelley B Home and Holiday offers the
RAZ Imports floral collection.  Offering seasonal and everyday floral picks and sprays for decorating your home.  These  beautifully designed florals are made from the best materials.  The attention to detail and the quality construction
make them a favorite pick of floral designers. 
RAZ Florals will make a beautiful and
rich addition to your home and holiday decor
Use floral sprays on your Christmas tree, mantel, wreath
or arrangement. 
Repeating the same floral through out these areas will
give your holiday home a decorator look.
Below is a showcase of our current
Christmas Poinsettia Collection:
you can find more RAZ Christmas Florals in our Store
 Red  16 inch Glittered Poinsettia

Made of Polyester
Measures 11" with 26" Stem
Made of Polyester
Measures 10" with 26" Stem
Shelley B Home and Holiday also offers
large poinsettia bloom floral sprays
in these unique colors....

Made of Polyester
Measures 14" with 12" Stem

Made of Velvet
Measures 11" with 25" Stem

Made of Polyester
Measures 11" with 22" Stem
to inquire about ordering any floral sprays
or special ordering any sprays not listed in our store.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Decorated Christmas Tree in White ~ Winter Lace

Christmas tree in Winter White
Decorated in white and tiffany colored ornaments and sprays
Our RAZ Winter Lace Tree includes the following
Christmas decorations....
Starburst Ornaments

Ornaments with Bows

Pearl Ornaments

Clip On Butterfly Ornament

Leaping Deer Ornaments

Pearl Tear Drop Ornaments

Beaded Ball Ornaments

Large Beaded Ball Ornaments

Large Beaded Finial Ornaments

Feather Spray

Glittered Laurel Leaf Spray

Iced Pine with Ball Spray

Glittered Poinsettia


Butterfly Spray

Cascading Pearl Spray

Pearl Spray

Mesh Leaf Spray

 Ivy Branch

Glittered Berry Branch

Cut out Embroidered Wired Ribbon
7.5 foot snowy tree,  the tree in the photo is green and not snow flocked
to order items from this tree or the complete tree.
You can find more decorated Christmas trees
on our web site

Friday, August 31, 2012

Lighted Canvas by RAZ

RAZ Lighted Canvas Wall Art
*A link to these items is provided at the end of the post*
Popular Christmas wall art collection BY RAZ Imports.
Each stretched canvas includes tiny twinkling lights, with wires and a battery
pack (requires 3 AA batteries) hidden behind the front canvas.

Gently tap the side of the canvas to activate the lights.
The painted canvas wraps around the edges of the wood frame
and the edges are staple free so they are ready to display. The back of the wall art has a fabric cover to hide the wires, a great finished look.
The images below will
give you an idea of the
lighting effect on the
RAZ Lighted Christmas Canvas Collection.
Little Boy at Window

Santa with Forest Animals

Lighted Christmas tree in Forest

Red Barn
Winter Church

NEW for 2012
Snowdoodles Reindeer and Snowman Lighted Canvas

 Our video below will show you the lighting
on these great new designs.

visit Shelley B Home and Holiday's
to find details on each canvas

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chandelier Ornaments

RAZ Winter Lace

An elegant and unusual Christmas tree ornament, designed to resemble
a shabby chic chandelier.  A beautiful addition to your Christmas tree.
Sold as a set of two, this popular ornament from RAZ  Imports has been included in one of their collections for the past five years.
This year it is part of the Winter Lace Collection, featuring Christmas ornament

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Snowmen with Christmas Lights

New for 2012 from the RAZ Snowdoodles Collection
Soft Polyester Snowmen
with battery operated old fashioned Christmas light strands
These lights are battery powered and they blink!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lighted Canvas

New for 2012 from RAZ Imports
and available
at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Reindeer Lighted Canvas

Here is a video which shows the lighting affect of each canvas.

These new designs offer a whimsical
and slightly contemporary design style.

The lights twinkle and fade off and on

Each canvas is powered by 3 aa Batteries

There is an easy to reach on/off switch
hidden in the lower right corner of each canvas


Shelley B Home and Holiday offers the complete

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christmas Sleigh Container With Pine Branch and Pine Cones

New this year from the RAZ Forest Frost Collection....

The sleigh container features runners that  look like tree branches
and a pine needle and pine cone embossed, dimensional design on the sleigh.

A great sleigh to decorate with winter woodsy sprays and ornaments

Above the sleigh is filled with glitteredy icy pine branches,
pine cone branches

In this photo the sleigh with tree branch runners
holds iced cedar branches and iced ferns
with a nest as the focal point

Shelley B Home and Holiday offers a
Wintery nest with icy cedar sprays, and red berries

The Pine Branch themed sleigh would also
be a great base for a white owl arrangement
use to hold your favorite RAZ woodland Christmas elf



Find more wintery themed Christmas decorations
in the Shelley B Home and Holiday