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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lighted Christmas Decorations

Lighted Christmas Decorations by RAZ Imports
available at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Large lighted Christmas shapes include ~ presents, ornaments, snowman, candy canes and more. 

Many of the larger shapes are wire form, covered or wrapped with sisal twine.  The inside of each shape is filled with white Christmas light strands, these lights are hidden when not turned on and when plugged in light up the colorful Christmas shapes.

Smaller shapes include resin figures and polyester figures decorated with strands of working Christmas lights.

 Use lighted Christmas decorations through out your home or business. Many of the larger sisal shapes can be placed under your tree and some can even fit on your Christmas tree.

Lighted Presents are available in many color combinations and patterns.  The are available in various sizes to create a beautiful display.  Lighted present shapes can be used as is or the tops can be decorated with Christmas floral sprays  and ornaments and serve as a stand or base for your favorite Christmas collectible, like our Mark Roberts Fairies

Below you will find a photo of the
 the Lighted Snowman on a Ladder propped at the bottom.

More Lighted Christmas Decorations available at
Shelley B Home and Holiday

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