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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to decorate a snowman themed Christmas tree

The RAZ Christmas catalogue offers a great inspiration photo to create

The Snowdoodles tree is filled with snowmen figures and other snowy themed
shapes and floral sprays.

 Snowy white floral sprays and oversized snowflake shapes are used to create a kind of icing coat on the tree which creates a great background for the colorful Christmas ornaments used. 

 The Frostyland Snowman tree not only includes traditional red and green colors, but wintery blues, cheerful pinks, and soft purple shades are blended in to create a colorful winter celebration tree.

Below you will find the recipe to recreate the RAZ Frostyland Christmas Tree shown in the photo above. The list includes the item number, quantities needed, and the name of the item.

Items marked with the * are not listed in our store.

3016362 (02) Snowman

3016365 (06) Snowman Ornament *

3100037 (04) Snowball Ornament set of 3

3100808 (02) Snowman Head Ornament set of 2

3103413 (06) Snowflake Ornament set of 2

3103414 (06) Snowflake Ornament set of 2

3103420 (01) Standing Bird set of 3

3103422 (03) Bird Ornament set of 2

3103433 (02) Snowman

3116162 (03) Santa and Snowman Ornament set of 2

3120008 (03) Snowman Disk Ornament set of 2

3120013 (04) Snowman and Santa Finial Ornaments set of 2

3123057 (02) Santa and Snowman Ornament set of 2

3138092 (03) Flat Flocked Present Ornament set of 3

3153387 (04) Hydrangea Snowman on Stick *

3153391 (02) Hydrangea Snowman Ornament set of 2

F2708146 (32) Snowy Cedar Branch

F3000035 (06) Glittered Berry Spray

F3006140 (16) Glittered Pine with Ball Spray *

F3102522 (04) Curly Branch

f3116158 (06) Ball Spray

m3100909 (01) Lighted Pom Pom Branch

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reindiva and Top Hat Tree

This snow flocked, 7.5 foot tall Christmas tree is filled with red, silver and black ornaments. Themes include top hats, high heel shoe ornaments, diva reindeer ornaments and little fairy pixie ornaments.

You will find a link to create this tree in our store
on the RAZ Decorated Christmas Tree photo page
Look for the RAZ Puttin on the Ritz Reindiva Christmas Tree or use the link.



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This page includes a photo of the Christmas tree, a list of ornaments and sprays used to create the tree
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