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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Nutcracker Decorated Christmas Tree

Nutcracker figures and ornaments in all sizes fill this 7.5 foot Christmas tree.  There are glass ball ornaments, flat disk ornaments, resin figures and metal figures.  Ornaments in red and green fill this designer tree.  Florals include red and green poinsettias and sequin ball ornament cascasading stems.

You can shop for items shown in this video at Shelley B Home and Holiday.  We show all items from this collection on one page in our store for convenient shopping.   Here is a quick link to start browsing this great Christmas decorating collection.

Shop Merry Merry Merry at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

RAZ Merry and Bright Ornaments and Decorations at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Have you ever wanted to create a fun designer look Christmas tree?  Looking for something a little less traditional and a little more whimsical?  Check out the new RAZ Merry and Bright collection available at Shelley B Home and
Christmas florals, ornaments and garlands in this collection are brightly colored in blue, red, and green.  Ornaments include ugly Christmas sweaters, whimsical winter birds in hats, Santa Claus sets, and gift shapes in dimensional and flat design.  There are large snowman and wintery moose characters. Their plush bodies and moveable arms and legs make them easy to pose in your Christmas tree or wreath or add them anywhere around your house this holiday.

Speaking of fun....the Merry and Bright collection includes the popular elf legs on sticks which are great to add to your tree or drop them into a container for a silly Christmas decoration.
Elf legs in a container Christmas decoration at Shelley B Home and Holiday

The Merry and Bright collection includes several glass ornament designs.  There is a variety of shapes in the glass ornament collection including finial, ball, kismet, teardrop and cluster.  We love the upscale look of glass ornaments on a decorated tree, no matter what the theme is.

Glass ornaments white with polka dots      

glass finial Christmas ornaments in blue and green

Have you ever added floral stems to your Christmas tree?  This is the secret to a great designer look tree!  If you have never tried this decorating technique, we can help!  The Merry and Bright collection offers so many fun themes and colors you will have a hard time not including them in your ornament set. Just tuck them in between the branches or use several stems in the top of your Christmas tree as a tree topper.  Remember design in odd numbers 3,5,7,9 to create balance in your tree. Add three types of stems for a full look.

Christmas floral spray in bright colors Shelley B Home and Holiday  
bright colored ball spray for Christmas tree decorating
Cascading bulb spray

Below is a designer decorated Christmas tree filled with ornaments from the Merry and Bright collection.  You can find everything you need to recreate this tree at Shelley B Home and, while supplies last.  Visit our Decorated Christmas Tree Photo Gallery for more details, and to find many more decorated trees you can recreate in your home.

Friday, June 12, 2015

RAZ Peppermint Toy Christmas Collection | Shelley B Home and

This year RAZ introduced a new decorating collection called Peppermint Toy. This collection offers ornaments in peppermint themes in red and white, with a touch of soft candy green. And to keep the collection fresh they added a vintage toy twist.  You will find a few retro elves, Santa's and snowmen riding in old fashion cars and airplanes, and old fashion glass indent ornaments.

This post will introduce you to the collection and share our photos from a showroom visit.  You can find many more items by visiting our online RAZ retail store.  We have over 60 items from this collection and offer every item shown on the RAZ Peppermint Toy designer decorated tree shown in the RAZ 2015 Christmas catalog.  Details on all our decorated trees can be found in our Decorated Tree Photo Gallery.

There are two 30 inch size elves, here one is posed in a small snow flocked Christmas tree.

There are two new small elves in the RAZ Peppermint Toy  collection.  They are 16 inches tall and each wears a different style costume.  Costume colors for both are soft red and green.

 Here both styles of  large 30 inch elves are posed in a small Christmas tree
Click on the link above to see the 30 inch elf set posed on a stair case, this is a cute
idea, especially if your tree is near the stair case!

New large elf hat Christmas tree topper is available in two color choices.

Lighted Snowman are great decorations to add
to your Christmas tree display.


 New designs available for your clay dough gingerbread collection, including this
green frosting Elf Toy Shop.

The top hat designs for this year include 

There are many new beautiful glass Christmas ornaments in the RAZ Peppermint Toy collection.
Colors are mostly red, green and white, so they will coordinate with your peppermint candy ornaments.
Some styles include cool new retro shapes, like the vintage peppermint elf ornament shown below. There are two designs included in this set, and there are additional retro elf glass ornaments listed on our site.


Below are some photos of a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments, garlands, and floral stems from the RAZ Peppermint Toys collection.  Close up photos below the decorated tree photo will show you the details of the red and white and slightly vintage styled decorations that make this terrific look!

 Other fun new ornament styles are below...

there is also a Santa under glass dome ornament included in this set of two

There is also a HO HO HO Block Garland in the Peppermint Toy Collection

 This is a set of two stems, each stem has 2 flat snowman heads
Lots of glitter and fun with this floral stem set.  
Great start to your tree topper.

is 22 inches tall and has three curly ends and a bit of 
a frosted look. Very whimsical and fun.

Add these to fill out the tree.

This year RAZ offered a new fun Christmas decoration, based on their popular elf leg stakes from 
past years.  They have added some pants and padding and created what looks like the bottom half of an elf.  Its called elf butts and thats exactly what they look like.  Posable legs allow you to place this whimscal decoration in a Christmas tree..... 

It looks like Santa's elves are hard at work decorating the Christmas tree!
We can't wait to see all the many other ways our customers display these elf behinds.

You can find two styles by visiting our
Be sure to email pictures of the creative way your decorate with this
fun attention grabbing decoration!

If you would like to see more decorated Christmas trees please be sure
to visit our Decorated Tree Photo Gallery.  We have many RAZ tree photos posted there,
with recipe lists and links to find items shown on the trees. 
AND we now offer our own original Shelley B Decorated Tree Designs ~trees for all holidays and seasons

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

RAZ 2015 Christmas Decorations

The RAZ Imports 2015 Christmas Collection names are listed below

This year there are more collections then ever and each is packed full of great new designs. We are sharing a few items from the collections with you in this blog post.

You will find more items listed here
RAZ Christmas 2015 at Shelley B Home and Holiday

    Enchanted Holiday - Whimsy 
 Frosted, snowy collection with character themes like
polar bears, ballerinas, snowflakes and even a princess castle. 
Colors are white and frozen blues and soft purples and other pastels.

 3509630 Frozen Shooting Star Ornaments

 3516464 Glittered Princess Crown Ornaments

 3519172 Lighted Castle 16 inches

3522984 Glittered Swirl Icicle Ornaments

 3523105 Blue glass ornaments with frozen swirl design

f3522657 Cascading Snowflakes Spray

includes new fall elves and traditional table sitter turkeys

3502204 Fall Posable elf set
3104915 Turkey resting or standing, 9.5 inches

    Formal Affair
gold, tiffany and glitter

3314156 Glittered Joy and Noel Ornaments 6 inch

 f3522673 Cascading sequined spray set 20.5 inches

g3502378 Glittered ball garland  6 ft

Red ornaments and florals, gold crowns and crosses

3512516 Gold Cross Ornaments
3516406 Gold Crown Ornaments
3522860 Beaded Red Glass Ornaments

    Gilded Grey
 Soft grey, silver, and tiffany colors.
 Shapes include crowns, fleur de lis, and elegant finials

 3510181 Bird with crowns on pedestals, 7 inches

3511105 Crown Ornaments 10.5 inches, set of 3

 3514115 Fleur De Lis Ornaments 6.5 inches set of 2

 3522833 Kismet indent ornaments, 3.5 inches set of 3

 3524557 Glass finial ornaments, 7 inches, set of 2

    Graphic Woodland
 winter white and red, graphic woodland designs
3503451 White Polar Bears 12 inches

3522967 Red and Silver scenic tree finials, set of 2

3548129 Sitting white fox figures, resin, 7 inches

    Graphic Woodland #2
snowmen and moose themes, recycled metal birdhouses and sled

3511412  New lighted snowman print by
Dona Gelsinger

 3516126 Snowman ornaments in wooly scarves and hats

 3520073 Lighted cardinal lantern

Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands 

 m3500253 9 foot pre-lit frosted Christmas tree

new witches and witch leg designs and 
NEW Halloween elves!
 h3502365  22 inch sitting witch

 h3516141 Witch butts with legs, 20 inches

h3519070 purple or orange witch, 20 inches

h3502364  Halloween Elves posable 16 inch figures, set of 3

    Jingle All The Way
 Retro designs in woodsy colors, chalkboard messages
3516556 Glass vintage woody and old truck ornament with bottle brush trees
3525554 Retro Metal Lighted Marquee Sign JOY Sign

f3511822 Red Jingle Bell Branch

    Merry & Bright
Brightly colored Christmas ornaments and decorations, Santas
plush moose figures, snowmen and more!

3507017 Santa Christmas Ornaments 

 3516520 Snowman Head Tree Topper

3516508 Snowman Decorations

    Merry! Merry! Merry!
Red and green Christmas ornaments with nutcracker and popular posable
Christmas elf figures.
  3516592 Elf Behind and Legs

 3502284 30 inch Christmas Elf

    Natural Elegance 

 3522945 Black and White Harlequin Glass Ornaments

3522938  Holly Cluster Ornaments

 g3506821 Magnolia Garland

  Night Before Christmas
Traditional Christmas shapes and themes with a slight vintage feel.
Glass ornaments and Elves in Pjs are featured in this RAZ collection.

 3500768 Santa Face Ornament

3522894 Glass Finial Ornaments

 3502219 Christmas Elf in PJs

    Peppermint Toy
 Peppermint stripes in red and white fill this ornament collection, with just a touch of vintage ornaments to add a new twist to RAZ Imports popular candy and peppermint decorations. In the RAZ Peppermint Toy collection you will find new elf figures and clay dough gingerbread houses to add to your collection.

 3516493 11 inch Peppermint Top Hat
 3520001 Peppermint Glass Elf Ornaments

3523007 Glass Peppermint Ornaments

 Plum Visions
    Tally Ho! Ho! Ho!
    Tally Tartan
    Walk In The Woods
    Winter Song
Soft blue and tan ornaments with bird and wintery woodland theme.

 3523089 Antiqued Blue Finial Ornaments

Be sure to visit our Decorated Christmas Tree Photo Gallery page
 to find trees decorated in these themes and much more!