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Monday, June 16, 2014

Christmas Elves

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RAZ Christmas Elf Collection

Adding posable, whimsical Christmas elves to your holiday decorations has never been
easier. Fans of RAZ Christmas decoration collections have enjoyed an increasing number of elf designs each year.  RAZ has designed each elf to coordinate, in theme and costume color, with one or more of their
Christmas decoration collections. This means you can find an elf that you love and then easily shop the collection category to find coordinating Christmas ornaments, floral sprays, garlands or table top decorations. Or find your favorite Christmas decorating collection and then look for the coordinating elf from that collection

RAZ Imports smartly costumed elves feature detailed resin face and hands.  Polyester bodies with movable arms, legs and heads, allow these elves to be easily placed and posed around your house.
We have seen some really
fantastic and fun decorating ideas using posable Christmas elves.

Below are Christmas decorating photos from our showroom visits and
also catalogue photos showing just a few ways you can have fun
RAZ Imports Home for Christmas Tree
includes three sizes of coordiating Christmas elves

 Our visit to the RAZ Showroom in Atlanta
found this large 30 inch posable elf 
placed in the center of the decorated Home for Christmas tree

When placing elves in your Christmas tree or decor, be sure to put them to work.  This elf is 
holding the ice skate ornament from the same collection.  Elves are also fun to pose
holding garland in your tree or on your mantle.

You can add a Christmas elf to any of your own favorite Christmas themes.
Planning a Frosted themed Christmas tree or decor this year?
Elves from the the RAZ Imports Artic Palace collection will be a great addition.
 Two elves from the set of three, are shown in a wreath
and on a table top in the photo above.  
These frosty fellows would look great with
your Frosted themed Christmas decorations

Christmas elves are not just for the Christmas tree, wreath or mantle. 
There are many fun Christmas pieces that your elves can pose with.  In the
photos above the set of three Christmas elves is posed with a colorful
metal Christmas train.
And coordinating elves in red, gold and white costumes, in  four sizes are posed with
a gold wheel barrow.

Here is a link to shop the
RAZ Christmas Elf Collection 
 at Shelley B Home and Holiday

If you would like to browse the RAZ Imports Christmas decoration collections
here is a link to the Shelley B Home and Holiday: By Brand:RAZ Christmas page.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

RAZ Candy Sprinkles Christmas ornament and decoration collection

From the RAZ Imports Fall and Winter 2014 catalogue
The RAZ Candy Sprinkles decorated Christmas tree features candy colored and themed Christmas ornaments from the RAZ Candy Sprinkles collection. 
Ornaments on the tree include ice cream cones, candy colored ball and kismet ornaments,
Christmas elves,
wrapped candy glass ornaments, elf legs, whimsical floral sprays and wired Christmas ribbon. 
to see a list of items used on the Candy Sprinkles Christmas tree.  You can also find links to all the items shown on the tree.
here is a quick link to visit the RAZ Candy Sprinkles Decorated Tree Page

Friday, January 31, 2014

RAZ 2014 Christmas Collection

 RAZ Christmas 2014
Decorating Collections:
Artic Palace
Emerald Cottage



find more information on our by brand: RAZ : RAZ Christmas 2014 page.
email with any questions or requests from this catalogue