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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Decorated Christmas Tree - RAZ North Pole Village

This video shows the RAZ North Pole Village decorated Christmas tree.  This tree is filled with north pole inspired Christmas ornaments and decorations.  A plush Santa figure is a fitting topper for this tree.  This is a Santa torso on a stick so its very easy to stick into your tree and pose

Santa Torso plush decoration

Near the top of the tree is a large putz paper board Christmas house.
This is one of a set of two houses shown on the tree.  Each house has a large
front window.  Inside the front window is a bottle brush Christmas tree with battery powered lights

Putz Christmas House Decorations

An elf holding a Christmas gift
is also available in the plush torso design.
These are so easy to add to your tree!

There is also a set of smaller full body plush elves.  These
are great to add through out your tree. This set is 13 inches tall
each elf is posable.

Snowy bottle brush trees add to the North Pole Village look of this tree
They are sold as a set of two.  Each has a clip base.

RAZ Snowy Bottle Brush Tree Christmas ornaments

A Santa behind and legs decoration makes a cute addition to this tree.
It appears that Santa is hard at work decorating this tree.

Santa Butt

Large fluffy white snow balls are strung together to 
make a whimsical garland.  Wouldn't this garland look
great on a mantel too?

Snowball Garland decoration

A matching snowball stem is also available
This is a great size to use in your tree topper design.

Snowball Stem

Of course the RAZ Elf Behind and Leg decoration
is included in this tree design.  This new design
features green pants, with red and white striped socks.

RAZ Elf Butt

Shop more decoration and ornaments from the RAZ North Pole Village
in our online store.
We have featured another decorated tree from this collection
in our RAZ Decorated Tree Photo Gallery
Below is a link to browse this tree, you will find links
to items shown on the tree on the page.

You can shop for more coordinating items when you visit the link below.

Shop by Collection: RAZ: Christmas: North Pole Village category.

If you have questions about this collection email
We love to help our customers create their own designer look Christmas tree.

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