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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

RAZ 2012 Christmas Collections

Here are the names of the RAZ 2012 Christmas Collections

Candy Wonderland
Champagne & Sparkles
Cookie Confections
Forest Frost
Fresh Greens
Ghastly Graveyard
Paws N' Paisley
Poinsettia Damask
Porcelain Garden
Renaissance Revelry
Royal Spruce
Sentimental Season
Telluride Sleigh Ride
Winter Warmth
Winter's Lace
Yuletide Chic

I will have photos to post this week....including decorated trees and arrangements from each collection.

You can start your preorder by visiting our web site

When you follow this link, you will find more information about how you can open a reserve order at Shelley B Home and Holiday. We have also started posting photos and details about items you can pre order.  Lots more to come, we started with returning favorites from last season and have lots of new new new items for 2012 yet to enter.

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