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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RAZ Welcome Home Christmas Tree

RAZ Imports Welcome Home Christmas Tree

Rich red and green ornaments and sprays 
in shapes and themes that capture a timeless and traditional Christmas. 
More coordinating florals, figures and other Christmas decorations from the
RAZ Imports Welcome Home Collection available at Shelley B Home and Holiday.

Below is a list of items used on the tree with a link to our store
included on items available at Shelley B Home and Holiday

Find the ornaments, florals, sprays and garlands used to create this Christmas tree listed below. Item number and quantity are listed. Quantities are stated as single items. Items may be sold in other quantities.

2801848 (04) Tree in Dome Ornament

2914114 (06) Holly Wreath Ornament

3002351 (18) Ball Drop Ornament

3011523 (06) Santa Ornament

3012554 (12) Snowflake Ornament

3014133 (06) Holly Ornament

3014187 (06) Poinsettia and Holly Ornament

3016187 (02) Sequined Bell Ornament

3020000 (06) Shadow Box Ornament

3116164 (02) Sequined Bell Ornament

3116165 (02) Sequined Bell Ornament

3116197 (06) Stocking Ornament

3116199 (04) Ice Skate Ornament

3116343 (04) Teddy Bear Ornament

3116414 (12) Vintage Angel Ornament

3120015 (12) Shadow Box Santa Ornament

F3002379 (12) Glittered Eucalyptus Seed Spray
F3002545 (12) Glittered Berry Spray

F3026080 (12) Poinsettia

F3106247 (24) Tinsel Spray

F3106668 (12) Poinsettia

F3110382 (12) Glittered Poinsettia Pick

G3155101 (12) Chain Garland
Shelley B Favorites from this tree....

 3116197 Stocking Ornament set of 3

 3116343 Teddy Bear Ornament set of 2


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