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Monday, July 25, 2011

Lighted Top Hats

 RAZ Imports Lighted Top Hats!

A great tree topper or table piece.  Comes in lots of different sizes and all are matching
so you can create your own Christmas display.

Below are some photos I took the day the hats arrived
You can see a close up of the sisal material the hats
are made of.  RAZ Imports uses sisal on many of their lighted Christmas decorations

This is the medium sized 12 inch pair

sisal is a twine like fiber, strands are overlapped to
fill in the metal hat form.  these are sturdy decorations

this is a photo of the inside of the hat, you can see the metal frame and the
Christmas lights that are inside

this is the red 12 inch hat

this is the 12 inch green and red hats

and the large 16 inch and 14 inch pair

The largest hat comes in 2 pieces for easy shipping and storage


these photos show the pin on one half of the hat and the slot on the other half
just slide the pin into the slot to put the 2 pieces together.


  1. I really want one of these for my tree much are they??

  2. the cost for one 10 inch hat is $28.50
    here are the details

  3. I would like the 14' green light up hat topper if you still have it