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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Candy Wonderland Decorated Christmas Tree

RAZ Imports 2012 candy themed Christmas tree features candy colored Christmas ornaments garlands and sprays.

Below you will find the recipe to recreate the Candy Wonderland Tree shown in the photo. The list includes the item number, quantities needed, and the name of the item.
Photos and links to the item in our store 
 are below the list.
  • 3106561 (02) 6.5 inch Candy House set of 3
  • 3106567 (02) 9 inch Candy Snowflake Ornament set of 3
  • 3256439 (03) 4 inch Pink Ball Ornament set of 4
  • 3120005 (03) 8 inch Soft Gingerbread Ornament set of 2
  • 3220013 (02) 7 inch Soft Gingerbread Ornament set of 2
  • 3220014 (02) 6 inch Soft Gingerbread Ornament set of 2
  • 3220016 (03) 7 inch Glittered Tree & Stocking Ornament set of 2
  • 3220017 (04) 11 inch Gingerbread Ornament set of 2
  • 3253468 (12) Ice Cream Cone Ornament
  • F3116187 (12) Gumdrop Spray
  • F3206770 (06) Glittered Curly Ball Spray set of 2
  • F3206772 (12) Striped Poinsettia
  • F3206773 (08) Glittered Spray
  • F3217585 (02) Glittered Curly Spray set of 3
  • F3250606 (12) Candy Spray
  • G3214492 (04) Lighted Gumdrop Garland
  • M3200254 (01) 7.5’ Pre-lit Flocked Slim Tree
  • R3204200 (03) Striped Wired Ribbon
You can order items from this tree using the links below. 
Raz Candy Wonderland 6.5 inch Pink Candy Houses set of 3
Raz Gumdrops and Jelleybeans 9 inch Candy Snowflake Ornament
RAZ Candy Wonderland 4inch Ball Ornament
RAZ Candy Wonderland 8 inch Soft Gingerbread Ornaments
RAZ Candy Wonderland 7inch Gingerbread Ornament
RAZ 7 inch Soft Gingerbread Ornament Set
RAZ Candy Wonderland 7 inch Glittered Tree and Stocking Ornament Set
RAZ Candy Wonderland 11 inch Soft Gingerbread Ornament Set
RAZ Candy Wonderland 9.5 Inch Ice Cream Cone Ornament
RAZ Gumdrops and Jellybeans 24 Inch Gumdrop Spray
RAZ Candy Wonderland 26inch Glittered Curly Ball Spray
RAZ Candy Wonderland 11inch Striped Poinsettia
RAZ Candy Wonderland 28inch Glittered Spray
RAZ Candy Wonderland 34 inch Glittered Curly Spray Set of 3
RAZ Candy Wonderland 28inch Candy Spray
RAZ Candy Wonderland Lighted Gumdrop Garland
RAZ Candy Wonderland 4 inch Pink Striped Wired Ribbon
Find more candy themed Christmas decorations in our Candy Wonderland  Collection.

You can also order the decorations for this tree by calling Shelley at 1-888-572-5840,
or emailing

Thursday, March 29, 2012

RAZ 2012 Fall and Winter Christmas Catalogue

Todays post is filled with photos from the
just released RAZ Fall and Winter 2012

Filled with decorating ideas and
inspirations using RAZ Christmas
ornaments, sprays, garlands and more!

There are twenty two fabulous categories in this
years collection, 18 are different themed Christmas decoration collections
Below is a preview of some of these collections....

Red and gold Christmas collection with
lots of angel and reindeer shapes.

Silver, Tiffany, White and Gold decorations
for a wintery white Christmas

Lots of Christmas wired Ribbons for each collection

We will post more photos every few days
and continue to stock our shelves with great items
from RAZ. 

See our growing collection here

Like our RAZ Christmas Facebook page for updates on new items!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cookie Confection Decorated Christmas Tree

Cookie Confection Decorated Christmas Tree Photos
There are two trees presented in the RAZ Christmas catalogue this year, from the Cookie Confection Collection.

One tree features gingerbread houses and a few candy canes.

The other tree features the new large Christmas cookie shapes along with the popular

Gingerbread House Tree

Cookie and Elf Tree

We will post the exact recipe for each tree very soon!

Until then please browse our Cookie Confection category
to find some of the items on this tree.

to inquire about any item you dont find already listed in the store

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RAZ Brown Owl Arrangement

The RAZ 2012 Christmas collection includes the new
Telluride Sleigh Ride Collection

Filled with colors, shapes and textures you would find
on a snowy sleigh ride through the mountains. 
Favorite shapes include brown owls in assorted sizes,
colors used on the ornaments include soft teal blue and silver

This Telluride Sleigh Ride Arrangement
features the 10 inch owl pair
and the 5 inch owls

This set of 3 antiqued gem drop ornaments
shows the soft teal and silver colors used on many of the ornaments from this

Antique Silver Pine cone ornament


9.5 inch feathered birds

14 inch chocolate poinsettia

Brown Herringbone wired Ribbon

 Feather and ball garland

email for more details about this collection

Friday, March 16, 2012

Candy Wonderland Tree

Presenting the RAZ 2012 Candy Wonderland Decorated Christmas tree

Filled with candy colored ornaments, garlands and sprays.  Specialty ornaments include
pink and blue soft gingerbread ornaments, polyester fluff ice cream cones, pink ball ornaments, candy houses and more.   There is a strand or two of lighted sisal gumdrops
and lots of pink ribbon. 

We will post the exact tree recipe as soon as we have it.  All the items on this tree
are available while supplies last so contact now to start your preorder reserve.  A down payment holds your order with full payment only due when its ship to you this summer. 

Order the complete tree decorations shown and receive a special discount,
 if ordered by April 1st

To see a larger photo of this tree, please visit our store, there you will find a photo of the